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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Are Estimates free?

A.We provide free estimates for all your roofing needs whether new construction , re-roofing or repairs.  

Q.Do you use subcontractors?

A.No, all of our employees are on or payroll and supervised during the entire roof process.  


Q.Do you use dumpsters for trash removal like most other roofing contractors?

A.No, we do not use dumpsters like most roofing contractors, dumpster are usually left on site for a few days and hinder the ability for you to access your driveway and most often your garage. Ronald Rossi Roofing, Inc. has a fleet of dump trucks that is used for trash removal and are removed from your property on a daily basis.  


Q.Are you licensed and insured?

A.We are fully licensed and insured; copies of insurance certificates are available upon request.  


Q.Do you obtain permits and schedule all required inspections?

A.We will obtain all permits and schedule all required inspections for the process of installing a new roof on your residence. Never allow a roofing contractor to begin work on your residence without a permit being displayed. Stay away from any roofing contractor that would like you to obtain a permit for your new roof, this is usually a warning sign that the roofing contractor is most likely not properly licensed or insured.  


Q.Do you protect driveways and pools during the re-roof process?

A.We take the utmost care in protecting your property. We cover all pools with plastic sheeting to eliminate most of the debris and dust and cover all driveways where our equipment will be stationed with plastic sheeting and plywood sheathing.  


Q.Can you replace my existing skylights?

A.Yes, we highly recommend replacing skylights with new Impact Resistant Skylights. The old skylights presently installed on your residence are easy targets for wind borne debris which can easily shatter the skylight lens and become an entry point for storm force winds and rain. 

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